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There are many issues and activities both one-time and ongoing that are attended to throughout the course of the year by the administrative staff. Some of these activities are Commissioner Meeting management, follow-through and agenda preparation, fielding citizen request for services, constituent concerns, “Right to Know Requests”, PennDOT Overhead Banner permits, agency coordination, Recreation Board management, Civil Service management, human resources, workers’ compensation claims, payroll, property insurance management, project management, budgeting, website management, information technology, general administration and executive duties.

Professional support services managed by Secretary / Manager include legal, auditing, engineering, planning professional services and tax collection. In addition, this category covers costs related to supporting Commissioners’ salaries, liability and property insurance, municipal building maintenance and utility costs, recycling. 

Township Secretary/Manager

Office: 724-744-2171 x 201



The Township Manager is responsible for managing all of the daily operations of the township and for supervising all of the other township departments, unless statutes say otherwise. He or she reviews employment applications, recommends employee discipline and discharge, and employs experts and consultants as needed. He or she prepares and administers the township’s budget, develops the township’s long-range fiscal plan, and makes the township’s purchases. He or she keeps the board of commissioners informed about the township’s affairs, prepares their meeting agendas, and makes recommendations. He or she maintains the township’s records including the maps of utility lines and properties and the inventory of township property and equipment.

Director of Finance – Mary Perez

Phone: 724-744-2171 – ext. 202
Fax: 724-744-2172

Mary Perez as the Township Director of Finance performs a variety of routine and complex administrative level tasks related to the accounting duties of the township, including but not limited to: preparation of vouchers and daily deposits, assignment of budget account numbers, payroll preparation including quarterly and end of year tax reports, posting of accounts payable for general ledgers, analysis of preliminary trial balances, preparation of monthly financial statements, assists the township manager with the preparation of the annual budget, and pursues collection of delinquent accounts.

Administrative Assistant – Katie Broome

Phone: 724-744-2171 – ext. 203

Katie Broome is Administrative Assistant to the Township Administration.