Office Phone: 724-744-2171

Civil Service Commission

Public Meetings

No regular meetings. This committee serves at the request of the Penn Township Commissioners.


The Penn Township Civil Service Commission consists of members who are qualified electors of Penn Township and who are appointed by the board of Commissioners to serve a term of six years.


Before entering office, each member of the Civil Service Commission takes an oath to support the constitutions of the United States and of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and to perform his official duties with fidelity.


Members of the commission may not, at the same time, hold an elected or appointed office under the United States government, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, or any political subdivision of the Commonwealth, except that one member may be a Penn Township Commissioner.


All civil service commissioners serve without compensation.


As requested by the Penn Township commissioners, the Civil Service Commission establishes a police employment eligibility list, administers all police employment testing (including written, oral, physical, and psychological exams), and establishes procedures regarding discipline, suspension, removals, and reductions in rank. All recommendations made by the Civil Service Commission for police employment eligibility, discipline, suspension, or removal are forwarded to the Penn Township Commissioners for their final decision.