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Comprehensive Plan Update - Guided Decision Making Flow Chart

Penn Township has hired Mackin Engineering to assist in preparing an update to its Comprehensive Plan adopted in 2005.

The Township desires to develop a “visual” and “implementable plan” that does the following:

  • Identifies important 2005 action steps to be completed,
  • Completes a diagnostic study that identifies the 4 to 5 highest priority township issues,
  • Includes revenue neutral implementation action plans,
  • Identifies appropriate form-based approaches to ordinance development
  • Economic development solutions that must project improved commercial / industrial tax base,
  • Delivers a succinct update with ongoing or immediately actionable steps.

Key Project Focus Areas

The major asset in terms of value and the primary asset affecting the mission of the Township “to protect people and property” is the Township road network. Therefore, Penn Township has preliminarily identified the following areas of focus and/or issues to be addressed in the comprehensive plan update:

I. Infrastructure:

  • Road priority based on level of service and severity of deficiency,
  • Stormwater solutions that protect life and property,
  • Facilities – Township-owned buildings, parks and property;
  • Utilities – water and sanitary storm sewer; and
  • Open space and recreation – facilities to be built and maintained by developers or the Township.

II. Economic Development:

  • Market-based strategies to enhance existing business and foster sustainable and ‘smart’ commercial/light manufacturing development;
  • The ‘smart’ growth of gateway corridors within the township including, but not necessarily limited to, Harrison City-Export Road, SR 0130 and Manor-Harrison City Road;

III. Codes:

  • Performance standards that fit desired development models;
  • Improve connectivity and walkability in new and existing developments; and

Development standards that provide for both uniformity and flexibility in site design, allowing for commercial development that fits the character of Penn Township.

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This information is currently being developed and will be posted when available.


The new Comprehensive Plan was officially adopted on January 20, 2021 by Resolution 2-2021. Click here to view the Final Plan – January 2021.


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