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Drop-Off Recycling for Residents, Businesses, Churches, Schools, and Institutions

The following items can be dropped off for recycling.


What is Collected

What is Not Collected

Preparation & Where to Drop-Off


Newspapers, comics, glossy advertising inserts, magazines,  junk mail, office and other paper

Corrugated cardboard, and phonebooks. 
NOTE: single ply cardboard no longer collected.

Drop off at the collection containers at the municipal building park. Paper can be placed in brown paper bags. No plastic bags in the recycling container. 
REMINDER: The Single Source Recycling now allows much of these items to be picked up curbside.

Household Hazardous Waste

Oil based paints, antifreeze, pesticides, weed killers, drain cleaners, household batteries, gasoline or kerosene

Latex based paints (can be left to dry and placed in the regular trash), radioactive waste, explosives, pressurized fire extinguishers, substances regulated by the DEA, smoke detectors, construction waste

Each year Westmoreland Cleanways and Recycling sponsors a collection of Household Hazardous Waste (HHW). This collection is typically held the first Saturday of October. For more information, visit Westmoreland Cleanways’ website at

Tires, Batteries, Scrap Metal, Electronics, Appliances

Passenger automobile and light truck tires, automobile batteries, clean scrap metal, non-freon containing appliances, Freon containing appliances (refrigerators, freezers, and dehumidifiers) electronics (televisions, computers, stereos, microwaves) for a fee


PA CleanWays sponsors periodic collection of these items in the area. Visit their website for the schedule.