Office Phone: 724-744-2171

Penn Township Emergency Management

Contact Information

Phone: 724-744-2171 ext. 215
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Our Mission

The Penn Township Emergency Management Agency exists to protect people and property. Building a safer community through partnerships with our government officials, first responders, volunteer and faith-based organizations, school district, businesses, and citizens to save lives, protect property, and to reduce the effects of disasters.

Our Team

  • Paul Wersing – Director 55
  • Mark Kurisko – Deputy
  • Jeremy Dixon – Deputy 
  • Chuck Miller – Deputy
  • George Adamson – Deputy 
  • Josh Supancic – Deputy
  • Karen Horchak – Team Member
  • Bill Mihalco – Team Member



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Individual Preparedness Resources


With warmer weather approaching, so will the Spring storms and flooding. Did you know flooding is Pennsylvania’s top hazard? Just about anywhere it can rain, it can flood. Many of our major flooding events tend to occur during the spring months after a big snow melt combined with heavy rain. We also tend to see the skies open up during hurricane season, when tropical systems dump heavy rain across the Commonwealth. Both tend to cause flooding near rivers, streams and creeks. But lately, we have grown accustom to highly-localized, heavy rain events causing flash flooding, well away from any floodplains. Flooding is a big hazard and we have a few tips to help prepare and mitigate the impacts of flooding. 

In a special addition of this months ReadyPA Newsletter, we also discuss the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and how to mitigate the spread of the virus. Click here for the ReadyPA-Newsletter-March-2020.

For more information on COVID-19 visit the CDC’s website at

For up to date information on PA guidelines, closings and requirements regarding the COVID-19 outbreak visit the PA Department of Health website at

ALWAYS check on the elderly!! DIAL 911 for EMERGENCIES!

To learn more about general preparedness and for a seasonal preparedness calendar visit: 2020 ReadyPA Preparedness Calendar


We are looking for individuals and community groups to join our team. If you have an interest in building a safer Penn Township, please contact us.


Additional Resources