Office Phone: 724-744-2171

Public Works Departments

Address: 3000 Commercial Court Irwin, PA 15642  map

The employees through the Department of Public Works of Penn Township are committed to providing the citizens for responsive and responsible services. 

Contact the Public Works Department about Township Maintained Roads for the following:

  • Snow Removal
  • Ice build-up on roads
  • Parks/Playground Maintenance
  • Street Closing
  • Potholes
  • Storm Damage
  • Storm Drain Concerns
  • Water Runoff Concerns
  • Road Damages
  • Street Signs, Stop Signs, Speed Limit Signs

How Do I Contact the Public Works Department?

The Public Works Foreman looks forward to addressing your questions and concerns. The foreman may be contacted by email or by phone at 724-863-5710 with more details below.

Tom Lamacz, Public Works Foreman: Ext. 2 or email

Snow Removal

  • To ensure the safety of the motoring public, please keep in mind…
  • Snow cannot not be shoveled from a driveway into the street; it’s unsafe and unlawful.
  • Provide a safe distance when following an operating truck; sudden starts, stops and turns may occur.
  • Where available, please use off-street parking. Simply parking in your driveway assists the Department.
  • Any mailbox damaged when struck by the plow or vehicle will be replaced by the Township.
  • While we cannot prevent plowed snow from blocking a shoveled driveway, there are techniques a homeowner can do to help this not occur.
  • Check out the township website for details.