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Municipal Staff

Penn Township under the state of Pennsylvania’s First Class Township Code has divided the duties of managing the business of the township into several positions authorized by the First Class Township Code. The township has hired a manager, finance director, community development director and staff, a police chief and officers, and public works director. The township has also contracted to work with an engineering company and a township solicitor. The positions and details on their duties as well as the people currently performing those positions and their contact information is listed on this page.

Township Secretary/Manager – Mary Perez

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Mary Perez, the Township Manager is responsible for keeping the Board of Commissioners informed on all township affairs as well as managing all of the daily operations of the township and supervising all township departments, unless otherwise stated by statute. Other tasks include reviewing employment applications, recommending employee discipline and discharge, and employing experts/consultants as needed, preparing and administering the township’s budget, developing the township’s long-range fiscal plan, attending of meetings and preparing meeting agendas.

Director of Finance – Colleen Gain

Phone: 724-744-2171 – ext. 202
Fax: 724-744-2172

Colleen Gain, the Township Director of Finance performs a variety of routine and complex administrative level tasks related to the accounting duties of the township, including but not limited to: preparation of vouchers and daily deposits, assignment of budget account numbers, payroll preparation including quarterly and end of year tax reports, posting of accounts payable for general ledgers, analysis of preliminary trial balances, preparation of monthly financial statements, assists the township manager with the preparation of the annual budget, and pursues collection of delinquent accounts.

Administrative Assistant – Tiffany Brewer

Phone: 724-744-2171 – ext. 203
Fax: 724-744-2172

Tiffany Brewer is the Administrative Assistant to the Township Administration Department.

Township Engineer – Gibson-Thomas Engineering

Gibson-Thomas, Township Engineer, evaluates all subdivision and site plans to determine compliance with municipal regulations. They  perform construction inspections of roads, sewers, buildings, stormwater management and other projects, as directed by the township manager. They develop plans for road maintenance and building projects and investigate any technical problems that may arise.

Township Solicitor – Michael T. Korns of Babst Calland, Attorneys at Law

The Township Solicitor handles the township’s legal affairs, including preparing bonds, contracts, leases, and other legal documents for the township. He defends all actions or suits against the township or any of its officers. He advises the township and the board of commissioners on legal matters.

Public Works Foreman – Thomas Lamacz

Phone: 724-863-5710 ext. 2
Fax: 724-863-4933 

Thomas Lamacz is Public Works Foreman for Penn Township’s Road Department. Public Works is responsible for the maintenance and snow removal of the township’s 90 miles of roads. The department is also responsible for maintenance of township properties.

Sewage Authority Manager – Stan Caroline

Stan Caroline manages the Penn Township Sewage Authority (PTSA), which was Incorporated in 1956 as an Authority under the Municipal Authorities Act. The Sewage Authority operates independently of the Penn Township Commissioners, however the members of the Sewage Authority Board are appointed by the Penn Township Board of Commissioners for five (5) year terms. It is empowered to establish rates, plan, construct and fund projects related to providing municipal sewer service to the residents of Penn Township.

Tax Collector – Ed Sheehy

Ed Sheehy is responsible for collecting Real Estate Taxes and the Local Service Tax. More information is available on the web page dealing with Taxes.

Berkheimer Tax Administrator

Berkheimer collects the Earned Income (1% wage tax).

Address: 403 S 3rd St, 2nd Floor, Suite B Youngwood, PA 15697

Phone: 724-694-2784

Community Development Director – Bill Roberts

Phone: 724-744-2171 – ext. 207

Bill Roberts is the Director of Penn Township’s Community Development Department. He supervises and coordinates building code enforcement, zoning, sewage enforcement, and all types and phases of development within the township.

Chief Building Inspector/Zoning Officer – Adam Hlad

Adam Hlad is the Building Inspector for the Community Development Department. In this role, he issues permits for new homes, additions, sheds, pools, and other structures. He also enforces the township’s zoning ordinances.

Administrative Assistant – Amanda Aschkenas

Amanda Aschkenas is Administrative Assistant to the Community Development Department.